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We pride ourselves on being a watering hole for folk from all walks. From cocktails spun with love to icy-cool craft beers and a covetable wine list curated from the Margaret River Region’s finest, it’s all here. Pair your drop with a bite or come just to quench your thirst.



We specialise in flipping delicious food that’s accessible to all. Gluten-free crew, we’re all over that. Vegans – it’s OK, we get it, you don’t have to tell everybody! Vegetarians, Pescatarians, Nonagenarians, Antidisestablishmentarians, you’ll all find something delicious on our menu.


+ Delivery

Prefer a virtual-only relationship? That’s cool with us. Already in your PJs and got a hankering for some sweet juicy goodness, or just can’t be $#%ed to cook dinner tonight? We do delivery, too. Click your way to burgers on the couch in minutes – from our place to yours, with love.

Welcome to
Burger Baby Bar & Grill
in Margaret River.

Out and about? Grab and go!

Netflix and chill at home?

The choice is all yours!

More than just a burger joint

A little patch of Margs run by a trio of local guys – helmed by a self-proclaimed ‘hospitality tragic and craft beer nerd’ – we give the fast-food category a mighty nudge away from the status quo, with family-friendly staples like cheeseburgers and chips offset with foodie-approved offerings and one of the best drinks lists in town.

We have some seriously amazeballs produce down here in the South West, and we want to fill you up no matter what dietary direction you swing. All fryers are coeiliac/vegan friendly upon request – we’re all ears when it comes to you what your requirements are, so please don’t be afraid to speak up!

Whether you’re a born-and-bred Margs local or a ‘local’ for the day/weekend, we’re keeping a seat warm just for you.

We’re the mid-week burger run when your fridge is empty. The secret sauce to a red-hot date night. The liberal sprinkling of crazy to your Friday night shenanigans.

Dine in vs home delivery is the decision between pants and no pants

(we do contactless delivery)

If our burgers could talk, they’d say…

Here for the burgers ‘n’ bevvies, stayin’ for the good times!

Mmm… Now the question remains:

Our place, or Yours?


You can find us at:
2 Andrews Way, Margaret River, WA


Don’t call me, baby. To order takeaway, click below.


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